Man Wanted by China Over Gambling Ops Caught In Thailand After 10-Year Run

Authorities in Thailand have arrested a man China has wanted to apprehend for the past 10 years. She Zhijiang (also known as She Kailun) is the alleged mastermind of a large gambling enterprise that led to China requesting an Interpol red notice last year.

She Zhijiang making a public appearance as he drummed up support for a “city” he wanted to build in Myanmar. Police in Thailand have arrested him on an outstanding Interpol warrant requested by China for illegal gambling. (Image: Weibo)

In addition to businesses and gaming operations in the Philippines and other countries across the Asia Pacific region, She allegedly launched an intricate online gambling business years ago, according to local media. When authorities began closing in on him in 2012, he escaped.

Since then, he has managed to avoid capture. However, possibly out of frustration and desperation, China requested the help of Interpol last year. With a wider net in place, it was only a matter of time before She was caught.

End of the Line

Authorities in Bangkok, Thailand arrested She on Saturday, according to the Straits Times. He is allegedly behind illegal activity in the Shwe Kokko special economic zone in Myanmar. Among the complaints against him, She allegedly created a massive online gambling ring and facilitated human trafficking.

More than just another small-time criminal, She allegedly ran a sophisticated operation that crossed the borders of several countries. He organized a group of individuals responsible for creating a network of fake companies that led the illegal gambling operations and developed new platforms.

At one point, there were at least 330,000 gamblers on the platform, according to the Interpol notice. Without detailing how it reached its figures, the complaint added that the network took in over $22.2 million between 2018 and 2021.

Thailand will now begin the extradition process to deliver She to Chinese authorities. He holds a Cambodian passport; however, he was born in China. It’s likely She will be in China’s custody before the end of October.

Shwe Kokko Becomes Illegal Gambling Hub

Shwe Kokko has always had a dubious history. It was a hub for cattle smuggling into Thailand, as well as the headquarters for the Border Guard Forces of Myanmar. The latter is comprised of former insurgents the government paid to end hostilities between the two.

Later, She arrived on the scene. He boasted of a massive development, worth $15 billion, that would transform the area into an international destination. It would include an airport, hotels, industrial properties and, of course, casinos.

However, none of it developed. Instead, in its place, were allegations that She made it all up in order to build his illegal gambling empire. The government stepped in a couple of years ago, but did little to alter the economic zone’s course.

She lost momentum in the region, but illegal gambling thrives. Just like Cambodia was the destination for criminal gangs to launch their enterprises, Shwe Kokko is reportedly now the hub.

The Chinese yuan, according to local media, is the de facto currency, and almost all signage is in Chinese. Tens of thousands of Chinese work there illegally, with armed guards roaming freely to prevent people from escaping.

They allegedly have the support of military leaders following Myanmar’s coup last year. In fact, according to some media reports, the military may be providing direct aid in order to allow the illegal gambling operations to flourish as the leaders fatten their wallets in the process.

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